Dedicated support for all international students.

The Office of International Students and Scholars is dedicated to providing social support and immigration advisement for the well being of international students who attend Cal Lutheran.

We have moved to a social distancing operations format.  Use your cell phone to call the number posted on the door to request access to OISS.  While inside, please keep a 6 foot distance from others.  Drop off and pick ups of immigration documents will be from the red baskets located near the front entrance.  Items will be mailed unless pick-up is requested.    

We offer immigration advisement, workshops, and social activities for international students. We also serve as an educational resource for students, faculty and staff. Programs and activities sponsored by the Office encourage international and American students to interact in order to provide an enriched campus community for all.

Quick Question Answers!


Meeting Your Tax Reporting Requirement:

It’s important to be aware that, as a nonresident student in the US, you’re legally required to file a tax return if you received US income during 2019.

 And even if you didn’t work or receive income in the US日本a级黄影片视频大全_日本a级黄影片视频全集_在线播放-叫兽网, you’re still obliged to file a Form 8843 with the IRS.

OISS has arranged access to Sprintax Tax Preparation for you at a discounted rate through the purchase of a one-time use acess code. Sprintax will guide you through the tax preparation process, arrange the necessary documents and check if you’re due a tax refund. Our packet provides with with a stamped and addressed envelop.  Purchase

Sprintax was used by over 165,000 international students and scholars last year, and the average Federal refund received by eligible students was over $1,087.

All you need to do is:

Pay for your access code and bring your reciept to OISS for the code, instructions for Sprintax, and a pre-addressed, stamped envelop to mail your return to the IRS.

 In Sprintax you will:

1. Register and follow the simple instructions.

日本a级黄影片视频大全_日本a级黄影片视频全集_在线播放-叫兽网2. Complete the online questionnaire.

3. Enter the access code we provided in the box on the ‘Review your order’ page.

4.Sprintax will prepare your tax return.

5.Print out the return, sign, make a copy for yourself and mail the return in the envelope provided.


Order International Graduation Sash

Click on the sash below for details and to order under the tab, "Order Graduation Gear".

Only $44 from .

intl graduation sash


Travel Advisory 

Given the recent Executive Orders regarding a ban on entry into the United States, it is highly recommended that international students and foreign nationals who were born in or are citizens of the list of countries on the banned list not travel outside the U.S. at this time.  Even if your country is not currently listed among the banned countries, you might consider whether this might change while you are away.  This includes travel to Mexico and Canada and U.S. Territories.

日本a级黄影片视频大全_日本a级黄影片视频全集_在线播放-叫兽网Please make us aware if you have any issues or concerns or if you have family or friends affected by these new bans. 

Optional Practical Training


OPT STEM extension requirements!

Your major must be eligible for the STEM OPT as determined by the Department of Homeland Security's approved list of majors that appear on the Department of Education .  Read more about the determination of STEM eligible majors at .

 Get Involved


日本a级黄影片视频大全_日本a级黄影片视频全集_在线播放-叫兽网We have clubs and organizations focused on international cultures that all students are invited to join:

Armenian Students' Association

Chinese Culture Club

Club India

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)

Saudi Student Association

United Students of the World (USW)

Clubs can receive funding for their cultural programs from multiple sources including ASCLU-G Clubs and Organizations funding, Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion in Student Life, the Center for Global Engagement and Campus Diversity Initiative Mini-grants

See complete listing of Clubs and Organizations.




Upcoming Events

Spring writing workshop






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New Students

日本a级黄影片视频大全_日本a级黄影片视频全集_在线播放-叫兽网We're here to help you feel more informed about life here at Cal Lutheran and in the U.S.

Next Steps

Update Student Profile

日本a级黄影片视频大全_日本a级黄影片视频全集_在线播放-叫兽网At the start of each term, you need to turn in a completed Current Student Profile form.


Update OPT Registration

日本a级黄影片视频大全_日本a级黄影片视频全集_在线播放-叫兽网Report your current address or employment while on OPT.